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Iced tea cans turned into pinhole cameras. These are taped to windows or zip-tied to poles or other stable objects facing the direction(s) of the sun for months at a time. Breaks in a line can mean that the day was cloudy for a time. After those months are over, I take them back in and open the cans. They are then scanned and inverted in Photoshop. I will be documenting my progress here on this page. You can find an instructional video on how I created these can cameras here and view my process gallery here.

Click on each image to learn more about its individual placement and duration.

Facing 235° W on Ilford RC Pearl. A ten day test exposure in a film canister. 2/15/2019-2/24/2019.
Facing west on Ilford RC Pearl. Through a window. 4/28/2019-7/25/2019.

Facing 245° SW on Ilford RC Pearl. 4/27/2019-7/25/2019.
Facing 125° SE on Ilford RC Pearl. 4/27/2019-11/17/2019.

Facing 233° SW on Ilford RC Pearl. 9/3/2019-5/15/2020.
Facing 285° W on Foma Fomaspeed Variant 312. 5/16/2021-6/6/2022.

Facing 59° NE on Foma Fomaspeed Variant 312. Flipped upside-down and replaced at 9 month mark. 5/16/2021-2/9/2022 and 2/9/2022-3/24/2023.