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From My Shore to Yours - Postcard Project - September 2020

Designed to be viewed as stand-alone pieces or together as a series, From My Shore to Yours illustrates the connection that exists between friends and family even during the Shelter in Place order when it proves difficult to stay in touch. The first card in this series was selected as one of the winning pieces of the Wish You Were Here Postcard Design Contest held by the Natalie & James Thompson Gallery in San Jose, CA. It was on display at the New Kinships: Community Dialogues and Interdisciplinary Connections exhibition from November 2, 2021 - January 28, 2022. In April 2022, it was selected to be one of the San Jose Story Map Contest winners. This first postcard along with other San Jose Story Map contributions can be viewed here.

Artist Statement: The effects of sheltering in place has affected many people across the world. One of those effects is the smaller and closer social circles that are held onto during this time. Shot as a double exposure on film, this postcard image puts a silhouette of my roommate and a small body of water together into one piece which are metaphors for our own friends, family, and headspace. Even though it can be difficult to stay in contact with some of our loved ones, they always linger at the shorelines of our mind.