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Debbie is an artist based in San Jose, California. She graduated from San Jose State University with
a graphic design major and photography minor.

For much of her life, she’s felt an innate need to document everything. She keeps a journal to write
about life events, and when journaling isn’t enough, she turns to image-making to help her document
her memories. As a result, the concept of time is often the subject of her artistic explorations. Debbie’s
body of work answers the question: if I were to lose my memory tomorrow, could I reconstruct myself
with everything I’ve created?

Some of Debbie’s pieces are captured with a traditional camera and others using more experimental
means. Her scanography work documents time on the micro level, focusing in on the fine details of
each ephemeral subject. Her solargraphy work records time on a macro level, taking general notes
of a landscape and the sun’s position over a period of days to years. The rest of her work falls on the
spectrum in between these extremes.